This is a Test website for Cosmic Fringe Radio!
We play a selection of music based in our experience organizing music festivals, in Cosmic Fringe Radio you can listen some good bands in many styles from all the world not yet into the main stream, mixed with some more famous artist that we like. Enjoy!
This is a Test website for Cosmic Fringe Radio!

 other way to listen, testing for Luca ;-) :

1- playlist for player M3U: https://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=62004&rid=107739&f=heaacv2,any&br=64000,any&m=m3u

2- playlist for player PLS: https://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=62004&rid=107739&f=heaacv2,any&br=64000,any&m=pls

3- shoutcast compatible: https://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=62004&rid=107739&f=heaacv2,any&br=64000,any&m=sc

4- flash compatible: https://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=62004&rid=107739&f=heaacv2,any&br=64000,any&m=flash

5- tunein compatible: https://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=62004&m=sc&rid=107739

6- Direct link for major players:
HEAACV2 streaming at 64kb (copy the following link for player like VLC, Winamp etc:
http://listen.spacial.com/api/listen/?sid=62004&method=sc&rid=1148420 )

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